Every initiative with the ambition of achieving a visible impact uses a logo which makes it easier for the public to recognise it. At first sight the Novi Sad Initiative logo appears to be a rendering of a solid, three dimensional object. But on closer examination, it becomes clear that the three dimensional scene it appears to depict could not exist in reality. However, this illusory piece of art has another curious fascination: it can be viewed as an endless but finite strip with a remarkable property of having only one side and one edge (famous Möbius Strip). Thus, a change in the view from three dimensions to two dimensions results in completely different perspective: Logo became a real object in both Euclidean and non-Euclidean geometry. The main idea behind the NS Initiative and STREW project, is to show that it is possible to make visible changes in the higher education landscape in spite of the fact that issue is complex and sensitive and a triumph of reality over apparent impossibility